Found footage film from a picnic in Portugal in 1977 that was decayed, painted and scratched on, meditating on Portuguese traditional identity and its nostalgia for the past.


With the use of 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm analog film material, film is as it is, without the use of any mechanism to create the illusion of movement. How can old media help us understand new media?


Video essay shot in a vertical format to capture the layered make-up of Porto. It observes the transformation of Porto’s housing structure and the in-between state the city finds itself in through the growing tourism industry.


Set in one of the many abandoned and fallen-apart houses by the riverside of Porto, exploring the space as the artists perform with mirrors for the camera questioning the represented and reflected image.

Pedro Ferreira

I’m Pedro Ferreira, an artist and PhD student of Fine Arts, Multimedia Art, at the University of Lisbon. I research post-digital aesthetics in audiovisual art and in both my artistic and academic work I’m interested in art that addresses technologies and their effects in culture and society.

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